Pulse victim, Army Reserve captain remembered

On Monday, the remaining 14 autopsy reports of the Pulse shooting victims were released by the Orange County Medical Examiner.  A total of 49 people were killed at the nightclub massacre. One of the victims was U.S. Army Reserve Captain Antonio Brown.  

Brown, 30, once fought for his country while serving out of Kuwait, but it was back home in Orlando where he lost his life. 

"Very sad situation," said Silas Mullins.  He and his wife, Barbara, say they'll never forget Antonio who also went by the name Tony.  

When he wasn't serving our country, he was working at Lowes in Seminole County. "He had such an outgoing personality you couldn't help but like him when you met him, it was just so unexpected," Silas said.  Barbara added, "He was always smiling, good kid. Use to walk our granddaughter to school." 

The couple said he started at Space Coast High and decided to go into ROTC in Titusville.

In the Medical Examiner's report, Tony was identified through his military identification. The autopsy states that he was hit in the back. It's been difficult for both his mother and grandmother.  "It's very devastating for her still she doesn't want to talk about it," said Silas.

Barbara believes he tried to aid the victims, "Knowing Tony, he probably did try to help."

The Mullins said Tony was an incredible person who will be missed dearly.  "I think all the guys that fought for this country are heroes, especially Tony," Silas said. "He could have had any job he wanted.  He's just a terrific guy, and I think he's one of the world's heroes."

In the autopsy reports, a total of 212 shots hit the 49 victims.