"Racist" and the "south will not rise again" spray-painted on statue in Veteran's Memorial park

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A statue at a veteran's memorial park in Ocala was found vandalized yesterday, February 19th. 

The Ocala Police Department says that on February 19th, an officer responded to the Marion County Veteran's Memorial Park on Fort King Street in reference to a report of criminal mischief of a statue.

Upon arrival, the officers says he made contact with the complainant, who was also the Director of Marion County Veterans Services. He advised the officer that at approximately 7:45 a.m. that morning, park staff had discovered that the Confederate Memorial statue in the park had been spray painted with graffiti by unknown persons. He also advised that on the day before, the statue was found to be as it should be.

The officer observed the statue and reports that it has orange and brown spray paint on three sides of it. He also observed "south will not rise again" spray painted on the southeast face of the statue. "Racist" was also spray painted on the northwest face of the statue. And finally, there was a "frowning face" and "575" spray painted on the southwest face of the statue.

The director reportedly informed the officer that the park used to have cameras, but they were removed a few weeks prior. 

The total damage to the statue is at $300.