Remains found in burning car identified as Longwood parents of boy found on New York porch, police say

Buffalo Police on Tuesday announced that they have identified the human remains found in a burned car back in September as two parents from Longwood.

Their families said that Miguel Anthony Valentin-Colon, 31, and Nicole Cerced Plaud, 24, were on vacation in Buffalo with their three-year-old son. The two parents never returned from this vacation and their son, three-year-old Noelvin, was found in a box on the front porch of a home up there. Noelvin told the woman who found him about a car that was burning up. 

"He was saying the car was burning up, the car was burning up. That's all he kept saying," Lois Augusburger said. 


Not far from the home the boy was found at, a vehicle was found burned up with the remains of two people inside. Investigators have finally identified those remains as Valentin-Colon and Plaud. 

Police say surveillance video from the scene of the vehicle fire showed two persons of interest walking away from the vehicle with a toddler by their side. Police have not confirmed any arrests in this case as of yet. 

Noelvin has been living with his grandparents ever since.