Teacher saved son from choking, Florida mom says

A Seminole County mom wants her son’s teacher recognized for her heroic actions in the classroom. 

Sheri Moorhouse says 8-year-old Jaxton choked on a water bottle cap in class last week and his teacher jumped into action. 

"He was sucking on a water bottle… had it up into his mouth," Moorhouse explained. 

"I pushed it really hard, and I breathed in – and then it got stuck in my throat," Jaxton said. 

Moorhouse says she was told that Jaxton’s teacher immediately helped him. 

"She started doing the Heimlich maneuver. She had to do it over 12 times. He did go limp and lost all color," Moorhouse explained. 

Thankfully, Jaxton is OK.  

Moorhouse has since taken to social media to make sure Ms. Bratico from Crystal Lake Elementary School is recognized. 

In the meantime, she says she sent Jaxton back to school Wednesday with some gifts. 

"He took her a little bear and gave her a bear and then gave her a hug and said, ‘This is the bear hug from my mom,’" she said. 

A district spokesperson says Ms. Bratico will be recognized at a school board meeting on May 31.