Shark expert weighs in on 2 bites in one day in New Smyrna Beach

Beach safety said two people were bitten by sharks Monday in New Smyrna Beach less than two hours apart, including a young boy. 

Captain A.J. Miller said a 71-year-old visiting from Jupiter was standing in knee-deep water with his boogie board when he was bitten in the foot. 

The man was treated and released at the beach. 

Cpt. Miller said a 12-year-old boy is recovering at Arnold Palmer Hospital after being bitten as well. He was first transferred to Halifax Health as a trauma alert. 

Tyler Bowling is with the UF Shark Attack File. He said two bites in one day is likely an unfortunate coincidence. 

"It’s generally scattered throughout the year so this is a very rare occurrence," he said.

It's an occurrence the research team he’s on would like to learn more about. 

They are in town working on a years-long research project where they tag sharks to monitor their behavior and what makes them overlap with people. 

"For example, tide moon phase, or air temperature, etc… to be able to see when are the sharks moving into the surf zone," he said. 

Beach patrol also responded to a drowning Monday. 

A grandfather swimming in an unguarded area with his grandson drowned.