Sharks swarm Ponce Inlet

Surf’s up, and so are the sharks!  For the past few days surfers have reported seeing an unusual number of two-to-three foot sharks in ankle-deep water around Ponce Inlet.

“I saw a ton yesterday.  I saw a bunch today as well.  They’re everywhere right now,” Nicole Fulford said Thursday.
Surfer and photographer Kem McNair told FOX 35 he started seeing what he believes to be lemon sharks on Monday.

“And then the following day I came down and ended up seeing like 40 and they were all in the exact same spot and then yesterday they were here also,” McNair said. 

McNair — who has been surfing in New Smyrna Beach since the '60s— said the sharks come every year but he’s seeing more than usual.  He finds them curious, but harmless. 

“They’ll get within about six inches of you.  If you move your toe the least little bit just dart away a hundred miles an hour,” McNair said.