Small tornado hits businesses in Florida town

Authorities in Lake County say several business received damage during an afternoon storm, which may produced a small tornado. 

Video of a funnel cloud over Lake Harris was recorded by a man in Tavares, which the National Weather Service later confirmation to be an EF0 tornado on the Enhanced Fujita scale.

Patrons at Fish Camp on Lake Eustis were sent fleeing for cover as strong wind smashed the Tavares eatery’s sign and knocked a hole in the roof.

"The whole building started shaking... and it sounded like a 9.0 earthquake," said Jim Jordan, the owner of the restaurant.  "We all ducked and ran out of the kitchen!" 

About 80 people were celebrating Independence Day at the establishment. Jordan said one person was scratched by flying equipment, but there were no other significant injuries.

The storm hit around 2:30 p.m., also knocked a tree onto a trailer and toppled racks of tires across the street at Lake Tire & Auto.  Another building, about a mile down the street, was destroyed.