SpaceX gears up for big year with dozens of launches slated

There have been some big wins for the space race -- as well as some failures, like the most recent SpaceX Starship prototype rocket test explosion in Texas.

One thing is for sure, this year, space has taken off.

"I think Florida and the Space Coast are going to get used to a lot more launches a lot more frequently, and that is a good thing," said Dale Ketcham, a Space Florida vice president.

Two Falcon 9 rockets are set to carry dozens of new Starlink satellites to orbit, just a day apart. They were previously scheduled just a few hours from each other. 

"This is really quite an achievement, that you could launch both from the Space Force station and from Kennedy in quick succession like that," Ketcham said.

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Ketcham said a packed schedule of commercial launches is all part of their long-term plan.

"We are looking at 50 launches this year, roughly once a week, but the goal is a couple 100 times a year. So getting lots of launches in the future is very much a part of the plan and that is going to be a good thing for humanity in general, but certainly, here at the Cape it is going to be great," Ketcham said.

Dr. Ken Kremer, the managing editor at Space Up Close, says lower costs are helping boost business.

"We have so many launches because Elon Musk has dropped the cost of the rockets. They are only about $60 million so everybody wants to launch on SpaceX because they can save a lot of money," Kremer said.

At the end of the day, Ketcham says practice makes perfect. 

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"You want to be in a position where you are not afraid to fail because that’s where you really learn," Ketcham said.

Last year there were 31 launches and this year there have already been three SpaceX launches within just the first month.

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