Student still can't carry weapons at UF

Should guns be allowed in University of Florida residence halls? In an order issued Tuesday, Florida’s Supreme Court declined to hear a legal scuffle between the University of Florida and gun rights group, Florida Carry.

Janine Sikes a UF spokesperson said, “We’re very pleased with the outcome, and very pleased that it affirms what we’ve been saying all along. That the University of Florida is in compliance with Florida law.”

Eric Friday, attorney for Florida Carry, said the group originally sued UF in 2014 to be able to allow guns in all university-owned housing, on and off campus. He said Florida’s First District Court of Appeals sided with UF, upholding a ban on firearms in residence halls and other university housing. Florida Carry appealed to the State Supreme Court which, on Tuesday, declined to hear the dispute

Janine Sikes said,  “UF is required by law to prohibit guns on [the] University campus, and at UF events. With a few exceptions, such as allowing guns to be stored securely inside a vehicle for individuals over 18."   Or law enforcement for example, according to Sikes.  

Senior Raheej Choudhary said,  “If there’s going to be, like, officers on campus with guns, you don’t need students with guns.”   Junior Taylor Gorczynski said, “I think the decision to not allow guns in the residence halls is a sound one. I live in a residence Hall. I feel safe the way things are.”  Sophomore Jamal Waked said, “I do not believe guns should be allowed on campus. However, I do believe in the first…the Second Amendment right to bare arms.”

"This battle is over for the time being. I’m disappointed," said Eric J. Friday, General Counsel for Florida Carry.  "The US Supreme Court was clear in the Heller decision, that you can’t limit someone from having an operable firearm in the home for self-defense. I believe that includes University-owned housing.”

UF said its current gun policy will stay the same.