Teen charged with manslaughter in fatal shooting of toddler in Cocoa

Cocoa police officers have arrested a 16-year-old boy in the fatal shooting of a 2-year-old boy. 

The teenager is facing a charge of manslaughter with a firearm and is being turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice where he will be held for a minimum of 21-days while the State Attorney’s Office determines how to proceed with prosecution.

The Cocoa Police Department said that they received a call on Monday morning reported the shooting at a residence Owosso St. in Sunrise Village

An investigation revealed that several other teens were at the home where they often stayed. Detectives said the teen was sleeping on an air mattress and woke up to find the toddler handling a revolver that was lying on the mattress. Police said the teen grabbed the revolver from the child, checking to see if it was loaded, but ended up firing the weapon and striking the child.

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“All of the evidence and witness statements indicate the shooting was not intentional,” said Detective Anthony Colombo. “He was extremely emotional and remorseful.”  

The first police officer on scene began life-saving measures including CPR. The child was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced deceased. 

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