UCF to sell alcohol stadium-wide for first time ever at game against South Carolina State

Thursday is the season opener for the University of Central Florida Knights football program and for the first time ever, alcohol will be sold throughout the FBC Mortgage Stadium. Previously, only those sitting in premium seating areas could get alcohol during a game. 

Last month, UCF announced the new alcohol policy along with a list of "What's New in '22." Besides for alcohol sales now being expanded, "Cool Zones" will be set up to help keep fans from becoming overheated, and everyone entering the stadium will walk through a metal detector or will be screened with handheld metal detectors.

There are some rules for fans to know before grabbing a stadium beer: 

  • You must be 21 or over – so they must show your ID
  • Bringing alcohol from outside the stadium is not allowed 
  • You cannot take alcohol from the game with you
  • Fans will be limited to two drinks per person, per purchase – except at student concession stands where it will be only one per person
  • Alcohol sales will stop at the start of the fourth quarter
  • The staff can refuse service to anyone they believe is drunk 
  • Anyone who gives alcohol to someone without proof of being 21-years-old could even be arrested

UCF says breaking any of the rules could have you kicked out. 

Kick off on Thursday night for UCF against South Carolina State is at 7 p.m.