Vaccination Nation: When will a second COVID-19 vaccine be approved?

As workers start the vaccination process, the FDA is poised to consider two other vaccinations in the near future. 

Moderna will go before a vaccine review panel on Thursday. Johnson & Johnson is not far behind. Gov. Ron DeSantis says he's looking forward to more vaccines getting approved, especially since the next couple of shipments of the Pzifer vaccine are on hold because of production issues. 

The first coronavirus vaccines from Pzifer are already being distributed in the Sunshine State. Florida is expected to get another 200,000 doses of Pzifer's vaccine. 

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Gov. DeSantis says he is not worried about the holdup and he’s looking ahead to the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine. He says once that’s approved, it’ll be easier to distribute because it only needs one shot instead of two.

"The Johnson & Johnson just normal refrigeration and you take it one time. That makes it easier to do on a mass scale because you can go in a school district and offer it to the teachers. One shot. And you don’t have to worry about coming back."

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On Wednesday, Orlando healthcare workers will be among the first to receive the Pfizer vaccine at AdventHealth.