Vehicles vandalized at VFW Veterans Village

The Marion County Sheriff's Office said somebody came through and left very deep scratches on vehicles at a home for veterans.  The vandalism happened sometime Wednesday at the VFW Veterans Village home for vets of Foreign Wars in Fort McCoy.

Pam Lotman, the Assistant Director of the VFW Veterans Village, said "One police officer that came out told us it looked like it was done with keys. They scraped the paint and went deep into the metal."

Lotman said two vehicles were vandalized.  "They targeted the vehicles that said 'Veterans of Foreign Wars'. To me, that's a crime against the veterans," She explained.

Veterans like 96-year-old World War II veteran, Dean VanLandingham.  "I'd like to get ahold of the guy, and kick him in the rear so that he'd have to stand on his head to go to the bathroom," VanLandingham said. "I think anytime somebody damages something that's been donated, or somebody else owns, it's a disgusting situation."

Eighty-four year-old, Korean War Veteran, John Becker, said he is angry.  "It's a mentality of a two-year-old,” said Becker.  “If he's got nothing better to do, don't come back."

The veterans home is now installing a locking security gate out front. Lotman said it'll cost at least $8,000 to fix the transport vehicles, which they can't afford.  "Now, we're afraid, Lotman said. “We're afraid to take them in any of the transport vehicles, because what if that's not all they did?"

The Sheriff's Office is actively investigating the vandalism, and following up on any leads in the case.