VIDEO: Apopka dust devil rips shingles off roof, tosses goat pen in air

Mother Nature put on a dramatic display in Apopka on Monday.

Firefighter Renee Beasley spotted a dust devil whipping around in her own backyard. It didn't quite have the intensity of a tornado, but it was still an alarming sight.

"I've never seen anything like that," Beasley said.

Beasley and her son watched as a dust devil came out of nowhere, ripping shingles off a roof and flipping over a baby goat pen, which houses the family's 13 pet goats. 

"I actually cleaned a dog tray and it's up in the tree right now."

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Fortunately, none of the animals were hurt, although their lodgings were literally turned upside-down.

"I felt bad for the goats. They were all scared."

So how do dust devils form?

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According to FOX 35 Storm Team Chief Meteorologist Glenn Richards, the air has to be dry and the skies clear so you're heating up the land, and as the air rises, cool air races in from the sides. If you're in an enclosed area near buildings, everything starts to spin around and as it spins, it goes faster and pulls in more air.

Richards says dust devils are common in April and May.