Volusia County students to keep masks on for now

Students in Volusia County will have to keep face masks on for now. The school board met Tuesday night to discuss the topic.

Members heard from the health department following a suggestion to consider changing the district’s face mask policy. The county health department recommended that the policy remains in place.

School board member Carl Persis says he’s heard from parents who want them to be optional, saying the choice should be left up to the parents.

School board member Ruben Colon asked administrator Patricia directly if students should continue to wear masks to which she answered yes.

Peris said he wants the board to start thinking ahead and considering a timeline as changes of this magnitude take time.

"It’s hard for me to argue with parents that want their children to not wear masks when your teacher is fully vaccinated," he said.

"I would be concerned about the students in the class who don’t understand or know who they're living with. So if I take it home from school and my grandmother or caregiver gets it and the caregiver dies, that’s an extraordinary event for me," Boswell said.

A final decision on the face mask policy will have to wait. The county health department will meet again with board members next month and could change the policy at that meeting.