Volusia County working on ordinance to allow e-bikes on the beach

The Volusia County Council on Tuesday moved forward with an effort to allow electric bicycles, or e-bikes, on its beaches following state laws that passed last year.

Currently, e-bikes are not allowed under the beach code, which only allows motor vehicles that can be registered and titled with the state.

Though they are prohibited, people still ride them on the sand. After a presentation from the state’s legal team, the county council directed staff to come up with an ordinance that would later be formally voted on.

"Come back with an ordinance to allow e-bikes in the urban and transitional areas, not in the conservation areas, obviously, with no further restrictions or permits needed and allow beach patrol to use their judgment," said Fred Lowry, council member.

The legal team explained to council members the county could be challenged following state laws which have now given the same rights to e-bikes and electric scooters as regular bicycles.

As for safety concerns, beach patrol would be given the power to regulate and enforce rules to prevent irresponsible behavior.

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