Watch out: Scam text message poses as package delivery notification

You may have received an odd text message that says a package that you’re expecting will be returned to sender if you don’t confirm a delivery time. The message might also warn that if you don’t, you’ll have to pay additional processing fees.

Don’t open it: it’s a scam.

One FOX 35 viewer sent in a screenshot of a text message she received when she wasn’t even expecting a package. The message stated that the ‘package’ was ‘pending last mile delivery in our city depot.’

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"The parcel WILL be returned to sender on 02/01/2021… THIS IS YOUR FINAL REMINDER, UPDATE DETAILS NOW TO AVOID ADDITIONAL FEES," the text message reads.

Included is a link to click on, but experts warn that link could lead you to getting your personal information stolen by scammers.

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If you receive this message, How-To-Geek recommends that you do not open the message or click on any links. They advise that you block the sender and delete the message.