Monitoring the latest developments with coronavirus

Two new cases of the coronavirus have popped up in the United States. The mystery virus is believed to have arrived from China. Travelers at Orlando International Airport were on high alert. OIA says they will follow guidance from the Centers For Disease Control as far as the need for additional screening.

Genetic information bill heads to Fla. House floor

Incoming House Speaker Chris Sprowls said Thursday that a proposal to ban life insurers, disability insurers and long-term care insurers from tapping into customers’ genetic information is ahead of the curve.

Coronavirus: What to know

The U.S. on Tuesday reported its first case of a new and potentially deadly virus circulating in China, saying a Washington state resident who returned last week from the outbreak's epicenter was hospitalized near Seattle.

Father falls into coma after getting flu

The Johnson family was celebrating Christmas together when 50-year-old Johnny Johnson and his wife, Frankie, got the flu the next day. Frankie got better, but Johnny didn’t and is still in the hospital.

Woman receives double lung transplant

Shavonne Thomas was living a great life, until one day in 2016, a great life turned into a grave diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis. She soon learned that in order to live, she would need a double-lung transplant.