Disney to layoff thousands: report

After announcing a plan to slash nearly 7,000 jobs, Disney is reportedly instructing managers to propose budget cuts and put together lists of employees to be laid off in the coming weeks.

More colon cancer seen among young people

Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States and new data shows younger people are being diagnosed with this form of cancer than in previous years. Doctors recommend you understand your family's history with colon cancer to determine whether you should get screened before the age of 45. In most cases, if colon cancer is caught early enough, there is a 91% survival rate.

Orange County buying vape detectors following Juul settlement

Juul is going to cut a big check to Orange County Public Schools as part of a national settlement. The district is receiving $5.4 million of that payout and officials want to make sure that money is going back to their students by trying to protect them from the dangers of vaping.