Disney World starting to call back some workers

Walt Disney World Resort is reporting a strong showing of tourists during the holiday season. The signs are hopeful for the thousands of workers who have been laid off since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Cast members put skills to good use

The Walt Disney Company has filed a report signaling another 4,000 employees will be let go early next year. On Saturday, a holiday fair was held for furloughed workers,

Disney intern paralyzed after car crash

A 23-year old college student, just a month into a job at Disney World, was paralyzed and nearly killed after being struck by a drunken driver. Gabby Murillo will do her best to walk again as she begins her recovery at a rehabilitation center in Altamonte Springs.

Disney laying off entertainers

Walt Disney World has laid off hundreds of entertainers. The company said this is part of the 28,000 layoffs announced a few weeks ago.

Disney attendance concerns

Disney World is seeing sparse crowds during the pandemic. Hopes of normalcy after the parks reopened are far from reality, leaving an uncertain future in the coming months for the company and our economy.

Disney sued over grandmother arrested with CBD oil

High-profile civil rights attorney Ben Crump says he plans to file a lawsuit against on behalf of Hester Burkhalter, a great-grandmother from North Carolina who was arrested at the theme park for having CBD oil in her bag.