Plans underway to repair Daytona Beach Pier

Plans are being devised to repair the Daytona Beach Pier after it sustained damage from Hurricane Dorian. Two months after the east end was damaged by the storm, a portion of the pier remains closed.

Jury recommends death in Everett Miller murder trial

After several hours of deliberations, a jury has recommended the death sentence for a man convicted of murdering two Kissimmee police officers in 2017. Everett Miller, 48, fatally shot Sgt. Richard “Sam” Howard, 36, and Officer Matthew Baxter, 26, in August of 217.

Lake Nona driver-less shuttle system expanding

The driver-less shuttle program is expanding in Lake Nona is expanding, thanks to a federal grant. The Beep system is growing to more than 25 miles of lanes and there will also be a transportation hub where you can track the shuttles.

Search for suspected ring thief

Authorities are looking for a woman accused of stealing a piece of jewelry valued at more than $22,000. Detectives said the incident happened at a Kay Jewelers in Osceola County.

Iconic Beefy King restaurant fire investigated as possible arson

The iconic Beefy King restaurant in Orlando went up in flames. The decades-old restaurant is closed for business but owners say they intend to reopen. "We're just going to clean up and get back to serving beef. That's what we do," said Shannon Woodrow, co-owner, Beefy King.