NHC: Tropics show signs of life with 2 systems in the Atlantic

We went from nothing to something real quick out in the tropics! Two areas are being monitored by the National Hurricane Center and the FOX 35 Storm Team. 

The first area stands only a 12% chance of development over the next few days. It's located near the Cape Verde Islands. Little if any movement with this wave over the coming days.

The second area is tied to an area of showers and storms moving off of Africa and into the Atlantic late this week. The five-day outlook on this feature stands at 40 percent as it rides in a general westerly motion across the Tropical Atlantic. 

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There was also a third feature being tracked earlier on Wednesday near the Islands of the Eastern Caribbean, but its chances of development have since dropped to zero percent.

It's not surprising that the tropics are springing to life! September 10th marks the peak of the season and we're well on our way. 


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Atmospheric conditions will continue to become more favorable for tropical development over the coming weeks. Now is a good time to review your hurricane/storm plan for you and your family. 

Make sure you are well stocked with everything you will need should we experience a storm here in Florida. 

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