AAA: Florida gas prices near $3 per gallon, most expensive cost since 2014

Gas prices are on the rise across the state and are now approaching $3 per gallon.

This means that Florida drivers are now paying the most expensive prices at the pumps since November 2014.

According to AAA, Florida's average price for a gallon of regular gas on Monday is $2.96. That is $0.12 higher than this time last week, $0.07 more than a month ago, and $0.44 cents more than this time in 2019. 

The spike comes as oil prices reached new highs on Friday. They closed out a third-straight week of gains as global demand continues to grow.

WEATHER ALERT: Forecast: Stormy skies continue in Central Florida on Monday

The good news? AAA spokesperson Mark Jenkins said that "fortunately, future prices flattened out last week, so drivers should not face another round of rising prices this week."

The most expensive gas has ever been in Florida is $4.08 per gallon in 2008, AAA reported.

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