Baby girl critically injured by concrete chunk during fight

Authorities say a 6-month-old girl was seriously injured when she was hit by a chunk of concrete during a fight.  A Lake County Sheriff's Office arrest report says the child's mother had been arguing with 32-year-old Levi James Steere about money at a Leesburg home Monday. The report says the mother left to pick up her boyfriend and then returned to Steere's home with the baby girl in her car.

Deputies say the boyfriend threw a brick through Steere's window, and then Steere picked up a few chunks of concrete and threw them at the car.  "He decides to pick up a couple of concrete planters or blocks and hurled them at the car as they were leaving the residence," explained Sheriff's spokesman John Herrell.  One piece hit the little girl in the head. She was taken to a nearby hospital.  Last report we received, she was in critical condition," Herrell added. 

The arrest report says Steere was charged with aggravated child abuse.  Herrell said the boyfriend wasn't immediately facing charges.  "It just really highlights the importance of slowing down, thinking about things and really calling 911 and letting the authorities figure things out," he said.