Delta Air Lines bans 460 people for not wearing masks

By now, most travelers have gotten the message about the importance of wearing masks.

“Overall,” said Jack McAdams, a traveler at Sanford’s airport, “I feel safer with people wearing masks.”

“So if you don't agree, why would you get on the plane?” said Everett Moore, also traveling from Sanford.

Delta Air Lines had the same question. In an internal memo to its employees released to FOX 35, the airline wrote that it banned 460 people from flying on its planes for not following the company's mask policy.

Travelers say it's a wise move.

“If they're not going to wear their masks,” Moore said, “don't even bother trying to fly.”

“They feel through all their studies that wearing the mask is essential to safe travel,” McAdams said. “So, I believe that's what they need to do.”

In the memo, Delta's CEO stated that wearing a mask was among the simplest and most effective actions to reduce transmitting the coronavirus. Travelers agreed.

“I wouldn't go into a restaurant if the waiters aren't wearing masks,” McAdams said.

The CDC said that anyone traveling on public transport had an increased chance of getting and spreading COVID-19. The agency recommends all passengers and staff to wear their masks.