Disney World likely to require masks through 2021, CEO says

Photo from Walt Disney World

It looks like guests at Walt Disney World theme parks will have to wear face masks for the rest of the year. 

According to Deadline, during an earnings call on Thursday, Disney CEO Bob Chapek said he anticipates that coronavirus precautions will remain in place for this year. But precautions could ease in 2022.

"We have no doubt that when we reopen up in parks that were closed, or increase capacity, that that we will have some level of social distancing and mask-wearing for the remainder of this year. That is our expectation."

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Walt Disney World currently requires masks for all guests over the age of 2. Guests also have to practice social distancing and get temperature checks at the entrance.  Disney's theme parks currently operate at 35%.

Officials also say even if you get the COVID-19 vaccine, you will still have to wear a face covering at the parks. 

Meanwhile, Florida is welcoming the opportunity for Disney to expand more of its operations to the Sunshine State.

"Disney already has a proven track record here," Chief Financial Officer of Florida Jimmy Patronis told "Fox & Friends First" Wednesday. "We just like to allow them to grow and expand their business."

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His comments come as Disney is considering moving some of its operations from California, where they are struggling to reopen their theme parks, to Florida.

FOX Business contributed to this report.