Florida prepares as COVID-19 vaccine approval could be days away

The United States could be days away from receiving shipments of a COVID-19 vaccine as the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) will review Pfizer's candidate on Thursday.

While waiting for approval, facilities across Florida are making sure that they are ready in the event that Pfizer gets the go-ahead. Doses of the vaccine could be shipped out within hours of approval.

In addition, some long-term care facilities are already taking meetings with companies like CVS to go over what the rollout will look like once the vaccine is available. 

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"Majority of the families are very, very excited about it. They can't wait. They wish they could get the vaccine too," Carviz Carlos, a Gracious Age Assisted Living Administrator, told FOX 35. He feels empowered to know what the COVID-19 vaccine distribution will entail. "We have to have a dedicated clinic space inside the facility for the ambulatory residents to receive the vaccine."

He added that once the FDA approves a vaccine, CVS will call him at Gracious Age Assisted Living to schedule a date and time. Then, staff and residents will have to fill out consent forms provided by CVS. 

Carlos explained that CVS and one staff member will go room-to-room for the bed-bound residents and everyone else who opted in for the vaccine will receive it inside their wellness center. 

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The staff members and the two dozens visiting doctors and physical therapists could reportedly also be vaccinated due to their direct contact with residents.

Once the COVID-19 vaccine gets FDA approval, the Pfizer vaccine could be distributed as early as December 21st and the Moderna vaccine as early as December 28th.


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