FOX 35 INVESTIGATES: Why didn't fire hydrants work at condemned condo complex?

There was a raging fire and smoke blanketing the building at a condemned condo complex in south Orange County Tuesday. Officials say none of the fire hydrants on the property worked.

"I thought that was something that’s always kept on everywhere just because you never know," said Jaythan Vega, who works at PC Motor Sales down the road.

Fire crews were forced to cut through fences to access hydrants outside the old Blossom Park condos.

"Oh man, I think that’s horrible," Vega said. "I mean, if that would have spread.,, our businesses are pretty close – that would have been detrimental to a lot of people."

FOX 35 News reached out to Orange County to find out why the building didn’t have working hydrants. Especially since squatters have been an issue here.

They say they’re working with code enforcement to find out.

Orange County Fire Rescue says crews knew ahead of time that the fire hydrants at the property didn’t function and they had scoped out the site beforehand – in case a fire did ever break out. Firefighters say there was no delay in their response.

"They knew exactly where the working hydrants were on the outside so they got those lines on quick," said OCFR Assistant Chief Martis Mack at the scene.

The state fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire.