Governor: Floridians under 65 should be able to get COVID-19 vaccine next month

Floridians under 65 years of age might be able to start getting the COVID-19 vaccine in March, Governor Ron DeSantis said on Thursday.

During a press conference in Jacksonville, the governor said he expects that residents in the state under 65 could be able to get the coronavirus vaccine next month. He said the shots will start to become widely available sometime in April.

The governor did not say what age range might be able to get the shots. 

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"As soon as we’re in a situation where the seniors are being taken care of, we’re going to look to do that," DeSantis said at a press conference at Edward Waters College in Jacksonville.

DeSantis has been adamant about putting seniors first, only allowing those 65 and older to receive the vaccines. He says once enough seniors are vaccinated, the eligibility age could lower. 

"If you expand it to 55, that’s millions and millions of people, and so then we’d end up having the jam and all that stuff again," DeSantis said. "So it’s going to happen, I would say, without question, barring any problems with the vaccine distribution, you’re going to see the age lower at some time in March, for sure. And as soon as we have the metrics to justify it, we’re going to let people know."

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During Thursday's press conference, the governor also announced that six new, permanent COVID-19 vaccine sites are opening in Florida, including one in Kissimmee. 

"These sites, which will administer 200 shots per day and be open seven days a week, will significantly increase access to the vaccine for seniors in these communities."