Incidents involving unruly passengers on planes on the rise

It’s a growing trend with unruly passengers going viral for incidents at the airport.

One of those incidents shows passengers pinning down a perpetrator who disrupted a flight. Another incident shows a brutal fight that spilled into a terminal in Detroit.

Central Florida is seeing an uptick as well.

"We used to run just a few calls a month and now we are running several calls a day," said Tom Draper, chief operations for the aviation authority.

The FAA reports that about 76% of on-flight altercations since January have been over wearing a mask. Altercations with flight attendants are 20 times more likely than a typical year.

"They're not only putting that flight in jeopardy and everyone on board that flight, but they're jeopardizing the recovery of the airline industry overall," said President of the Association of Flight Attendants Sara Nelson.

For most passengers coming into Orlando, they say their flights have been nothing but smooth sailing.

"Everyone was pretty nice and pretty calm and stuff," said Abby Haas, who flew in from Wisconsin.

"We are used to wearing a mask and things like that so really the travel part wasn’t an issue wearing them," said Nick Klepfer, of Pennsylvania.

The FAA says they will be implementing a stricter policy to ensure safety in the skies. One of those ways includes fines which could reach $15,000.

"If you act out on an airplane, there will be severe and serious consequences, and you may not be able to fly ever again," Nelson said.