Long lines building at COVID-19 testing sites as people return home after Thanksgiving

Millions of Americans traveled for Thanksgiving despite the CDC's advice to stay home.

Health experts are monitoring COVID-19 testing centers in anticipation of long lines following the holiday weekend. 

Last week, many rushed to get tested before the holiday, with long lines building at testing sites across the state. Orange County officials do not expect the demand to slow down anytime soon, especially as people return home from their travels and could want to get tested as a precaution. 

The U.S. Surgeon General warned that COVID-19 cases could surge throughout the holiday season and he is urging Americans to follow health guidelines.

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"It's going to get worse over the next several weeks but the actions that we take in the next several days will determine how bad it is or whether or not we continue to flatten our curve," he said. 

More than 13.2 million Americans have tested positive for COVID-19. Central Florida doctors believe we could see an increase in cases like we did after Memorial Day. However, they are hoping we now have a better idea of how to prevent transmission.

Dr. Antonio Crespo, an OrlandoHealth Infectious Disease Specialist, said to "wear your mask. Try to be outdoors as much as possible. Always being outdoors decreases the risk. Keep the distance."

If you know you were exposed to COVID-19 during your trip, the CDC recommends staying home for 14 days and consider getting tested.

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Some officials are recommending that people wait four to five days after getting home before getting tested. That way, if you have been exposed to the virus, there will be enough of it in your system to show up on a test.


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