Mom attacked, robbed after pulling over along I-4 with children, sheriff says

Law enforcement officers in Osceola and Orange counties are trying to find the person they said attacked and robbed a mother along Interstate 4 while she was with her young children.

"She stopped at the I-4 interchange somewhere to change one of the baby's diapers. And then her other younger son, she let him step out of the car and use the bathroom," explained Sheriff Marcos Lopez 

He said the mom with two young children pulled over along I-4 westbound about a mile from Champions Gate. It was 2:30 in the morning. 

"Another vehicle pulled up and all she sees is lights. It concerned her. So she tried hurrying up and put the kids back in the car."

Investigators said the victim was in the backseat tending to her baby when the suspect came up and pushed her to the ground. Then took her phone, purse, and bag. Sheriff Lopez said, "Struck her. She received minor injuries like a swollen lip and went to the hospital."

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Driver Mirana Spare said, "As a mom, you take care of your kids first. So the fact somebody took advantage of that and saw it as an opportunity to come up is terrible." 

Even mothers with pets are shocked. Driver Jacquelyn Devito said, "These are my babies here, obviously I would have done the same thing, on the side of the road. And it’s sad that you can’t safely even do that anymore."

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Sheriff Lopez said thieves target tourist destinations like these, so it’s better to find a well-lit place with other people around. 

"If your child is having an issue or is fidgety, just control the situation till you get to a safe area to make sure you or your family are not harmed." 

Spare added, "My thoughts go out to the children and the Mom. You never know what they’re gonna run into. You have to keep your head on a swivel at all times."