Ocala Toys for Tots needs more toys for upcoming holiday season

There are fewer than 100 days until Christmas and a charity is already in need. Toys for Tots in Ocala typically fills an entire warehouse with toys for the holidays, but this year organizers are worried they might only fill it halfway. 

When Toys ‘R’ Us went out of business, it wasn’t just kids and parents who were upset. 

“My first reaction was panic because I was like holy cow,” said Marion County Toys for Tots director Patrick Joynt.

That’s because Patrick Joynt from Marion County Toys for Tots relies on the company for almost half of its annual fundraising each year. That’s $10,000 from Toys ‘R’ Us that pays for toys for less fortunate children during the holiday season. 

“In Marion County and the entire country, there's no reason that a child should go without a toy. If they don't, it's because someone on their end dropped the ball.’

This year, Joynt hopes that person isn’t him. He’s looking for a new sponsor to cover the cost of thousands of toys.

“We serve an average of about 8,000 kids every year here in Marion County and the number pretty much goes up every year because there's a need one way or another,” said Joynt.

Joynt says no matter the size of the donation, the cost of the smile on a child’s face is priceless. 

“If somebody wants to donate $5, $10, the more the merrier. And it's going to help the local kids here.”

If you’d like to donate to the Marion County Toys for Tots, click HERE.