Police make arrest after body of woman found in trunk

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Authorities have made an arrest in the death of a Palm Bay woman.  Police say Stephen Paul Warrington, 25, is in custody, a day after the body of Jillian Kusznir was found in the trunk of an abandoned car that was parked on Vienna Street.  A media briefing was expected sometime Thursday evening. 

For most of the day, crime scene technicians removed possible evidence from a two-story home on Van Loon Street in Palm Bay.   It began at 2 a.m., when detectives obtained a search warrant for the home that witnesses and family members say could have been the last place the 22-year-old Kusznir was seen alive.

Palm Bay Police Detective John Resh says Kusznir was found murdered one street over, in the trunk of her mother's silver Buick.   A resident who first saw the car, called 911 when he noticed the trunk was open.  "I think there's a dead body in it," said the caller.  Then, he told the operator he checked the video recorded by his surveillance camera.  "I've got surveillance on my building, and I have somebody dropping it off last night about a quarter after five."

The surveillance video from his home showed someone walking away from the car the day before, at 5:15 in the evening.  "Those videos have been very beneficial. I will leave it at that," said Detective Resh. 

Details of how Kusznir died have not been released.