Publix's chicken tender 'Pub Subs' are on sale this week

Publix's fan-favorite deli item, the chicken tender 'Pub Sub,' is on sale this week.

From now until January 27th shoppers can get a whole chicken tender sub for just $6.99. That's $2 cheaper than the normal price.

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According to Facebook page 'Are Publix Chicken Tender Subs On Sale?,' a Florida man named Dave Charls helped invent the popular chicken tender sub. He says it was created in 1997, as he was buying tenders and rolls separately for months. One day, the store rung it up as a sub and a manager decided to make it into a special.

We are not 100 percent sure if this story is true but either way, we are happy to have the Publix Chicken Tender sub.

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Shoppers who want to skip the line and get their Pub Sub fast can order online at the Publix website and pick it up at their convenience.

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