Viral video shows orca's stunning leap during dramatic dolphin hunt

Some boaters were left stunned after witnessing an orca's extraordinary leap 15-feet out of the water during a dolphin hunt in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.

The footage was captured by Miguel Cuevas of Cabo Pulmo Divers and posted to Instagram. A group of boaters watched on Sunday as the orca cleared the surface while attacking a bottlenose dolphin.

"What an amazing moment!" Cabo Pulmo Divers wrote on social media. 

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Another video, posted by Afrelandra Glez. Cibrián, shows the amazing moment from a different angle.  

On Instagram, another person posted footage of the orcas underwater near their boat in pursuit of the dolphins.  

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Cuevas told ‘For the Win Outdoors’ that they spotted at least 10 orcas involved in the dolphin hunt. 

The event lasted for several hours and Cuevas said it ended with one dolphin being killed. 

According to the World Wildlife Federation, orca's can grows up to 32 feet in length—about the size of a school bus—and can weigh up to 6 tons. 

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"Though the orca’s size intimidates prey, among its whale pod, the orca is a highly social animal that communicates through distinctive noises that only other members of the whale’s pod will recognize."

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