What Florida got right while counting votes this election

Florida has come a long way since the hanging chads of 2000. This year, the Sunshine State was called just hours after polls closed.

Governor Ron DeSantis spoke about the election on Wednesday, stating that "the way Florida did it inspired confidence. I think that's how elections should be run."

He added that since the Bush-Gore fiasco in 2000, Florida officials at the local and state level have made changes to make sure that something like that never happens again. He also has made personnel changes, spent another $2 million on security, uses new technology for voting machines, and gives extra attention to early voting and mail-in ballots.

Political analyst Mark Mills said that Florida also follows a good rule, telling FOX 35 that "Florida, for instance, does not accept postmark ballots on Election day. Your mail ballot has to be in on Election Day."

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Also in Florida, the public is able to keep a tally of the numbers, following them online as soon as elections open. It includes the mail-in votes received, the early votes, and election day votes. 

Governor DeSantis says that while we don't know how people are voting, we do know how many of them are voting in real-time. He claims many other states don't have information in that area.

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