Woman allegedly hits crossing guard with her car

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Seminole County Sheriff’s Deputies say a Sanford woman nearly mowed down a crossing guard and school kids to get to the gas pumps. Lanetria Dixon's lawyer tried to get her released without bond.

“Locally, she is not a flight risk. As an adult, she has no criminal record. So we would ask the court to consider releasing her on her own recognizance,” Dixon’s lawyer said.

The judge didn't agree, though. She set Dixon’s bond at $15,000. Deputies say Dixon told them she was trying to make it through a crosswalk in a hurry because she was almost out of gas.  When the crossing guard tried to make her stop, they say she drove around him, hitting him in the leg, all while kids were crossing the street.

Deputies say gas is no reason to put children and an 80 year old crossing guard in danger for their lives. “That's not an excuse that merits what she did,” said Kim Cannaday, with the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

Dixon's lawyer and family had no comment as they left the court, this afternoon, following the hearing. Fortunately, deputies say the crossing guard is back on the job.

“He's doing well. He returned to work the very next day, and the kids were very grateful to see him,” Cannaday said.

Deputies say the charges were more serious because the crossing guard is over 65 years old. Deputies say the last time a Seminole County crossing guard was hurt was about two years ago. One of their guards was hit by a car and broke several bones, but he made a full recovery.