Tropical Storm Idalia forecast to hit Florida as hurricane

Tropical Storm Idalia continued strengthening late Sunday evening and may become a Category 2 hurricane before making landfall in Florida this week, prompting tropical storm watches, hurricane watches, and surge watches to be issued along Florida's coastline.

Storms flip airplanes at Kissimmee airport

Strong storms brought winds strong down to flip at least three planes at Kissimmee airport, officials said. Two of the planes were not tied down when the storm came through, and a third was tied down, but the ropes broke.

Home burns after reportedly hit by lightning

A family in Brevard County is glad to be alive after, they say, their home was struck by lightning during the recent thunderstorms and sparked a fire that ravaged the home. Michael Walker said the fire started on the right side of his house and quickly spread as the winds picked up. Video he shared with FOX 35 shows the entire inside of the house burned and destroyed by the fire. FOX 35's Esther Bower gives us a look inside and shares Michael's story.

Tiger, liger escape during tornado: 'Worst nightmare'

The zookeeper who was tasked with finding and sedating a tiger and a liger that broke free during a tornado is sharing her wild story. An 8-year-old white tiger named Athena and a 7-year-old liger named Nika roamed around the Wild Animal Safari after Sunday’s tornado in Troup County busted open their enclosure.

Saildrones collect data from hurricanes to improve forecasts

The unmanned scientific vehicle known as a saildrone collected data from the heart of Category 4 Hurricane Sam last September. In addition to providing jaw-dropping video of massive waves driven by 120 mph winds, the drone recorded valuable information.