Beautiful stretch of Spring weather takes us into the weekend

Get ready Central Florida! Looks like a glorious stretch of Spring-like weather will unload across the area in the coming days.

The trend essentially starts Wednesday. The beaches will trend just a bit cooler in the 70s. Breezes will be generally light.

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Low humidity and dew points will keep things comfortable.

Sunshine will be out in full force, burn times will be at roughly 15 minutes or so. You can see in the clouds and rain forecast that only a few clouds will be around this afternoon, but the sun dominates.

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As we close out the work week and head into Saturday and Sunday, our temperatures will take a big jump.

Expect highs in the mid-upper 80s on both days. The coastal areas/ beach fronts will trend just a bit cooler as southeasterly breezes come in off a still cool Atlantic ocean. Still, a great beach weekend is upon us so certainly take advantage of that if you like.

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