Florida-Based 'Safe Spacer' among COVID-wearable tech products booming

The "Safe Spacer" is one of the latest wearable tech products made with COVID-19 in mind. It buzzes and beeps whenever you come within six feet of another person wearing one. 

"It’s an industry that’s gone from non-existent to pretty busy in the space of six or nine months," said IK Multimedia Market and Sales Director Dan Boatman. 

Boatman works for IK Multimedia, the company that makes the Safe Spacer. They're manufactured in Italy and packaged and rolled out from Sunrise, Florida.

"We understand the demand is high so we’re manufacturing these as quickly as we can," Boatman said.
About 50 companies are testing Safe Spacers right now. Each employee is equipped with one. 

"We’re working with several very large food manufacturers, beverage manufacturers, a couple of theme part operators," Boatman said.

Initially, the product was just meant to alert when people aren't socially distanced, but they've since added data storage to allow for easy contact tracing within companies. Individual companies decide how much data they want to store, if any at all.

It's not the only product like this out there. There are several being used by large companies or sports teams. Some also do temperature checks. 

But Boatman says when it comes to COVID, they're not focused on competition. 

"We’re really focused on just delivering the absolute best solution that we can," he said.

By the end of the month, roughly 10,000 Safe Spacers will be used across the world.