Florida Rep. decides to not object to Biden win after Capitol riot

Florida Congressman Mike Waltz said the riots in the U.S. Capitol led him to change his mind on a key vote to certify the presidential ballot.

Waltz said he was in the House chamber yesterday when the violence broke out.

"When the Capitol Police came in, we heard a ruckus outside, they informed us that on the House floor we'd be on a lockdown," Waltz recalled. "Others began barricading the doors because these thugs were trying to barge their way into the House floor. At that point, frankly, people were very frightened, very scared."

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Waltz said some Congressmen were preparing to defend themselves, stating that "some members were pulling off legs of furniture to be armed in some way. And we were evacuated."

Waltz is a Republican Trump-supporter whose district includes parts of Volusia, Marion, and Lake counties. He said he was concerned about the presidential vote and planned to object to certifying the ballot. However, after what happened, he changed his mind.

"I've served in countries overseas as a veteran where that doesn't happen, where disputes are settled in the streets and not through discussion and debate," Waltz said. "So, that's a decision I made to the move the country forward."

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He voted to certify the ballot and said we have to remember that we're all on the same team. He told FOX 35 that "regardless of your cause, at the end of the day you don't harm other Americans, you don't destroy other people's property."

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