People head to stores, malls for post-holiday shopping and returns

There was a healthy showing of people in the Oviedo Mall on the Saturday after Christmas.

"Because it's cold outside, we thought it's hotter inside, so we just came here for a walk and see if stores are open, maybe we will buy something," said Ashok Brahmbhatt, a mall visitor.

Some said they were looking to get in on post-holiday sales.

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"Just doing some after-Christmas shopping," said Lynne Walker. "Just to see what's out there, more time now after Christmas."

Like many things this year, much of the shopping had moved online. The National Retail Federation said 20 to 30 percent more Americans decided to do their holiday shopping online this year.

"I got everything I needed," agreed shopper Erika Landa. "Pretty much Amazon. We did pretty much everything on Amazon, this year."

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Returns were happening too. 

For example, Burke said she ordered online and it didn't turn out quite right. So she explained that "I'm returning a shirt, an Adidas shirt that I bought for my husband, it's too big, I got it at Penny's. So I have to take that back - but I did order another one online, so he's gonna get that anyway."

The National Retail Federation said that on average, Americans planned to spend just under a thousand dollars per-person on holiday shopping in 2020.

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