Thanksgiving savings: What stores have the cheapest turkey prices

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, people are hunting for turkey deals.

FOX 35 spent Thursday going store to store trying to find you the best prices.

For example, we found that if you want to get a store brand frozen turkey, the most affordable option is a tie between Winn-Dixie and Publix at $0.49 a pound.

However, some have a preference for Butterball turkeys and those do cost more. The best price FOX 35 found was at Aldi for $0.87 a pound.

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If you’re a last-minute shopper and will not have time to defrost a frozen turkey, you can buy one that is fresh from the refrigerator. The best price comes from Aldi at $1.49 a pound.

If you want to skip the work in the kitchen and buy a turkey ready to serve, the best deal comes from Bravo Supermarkets. They have a 16 to 20-pound fully-cooked turkey ready to go for a flat rate of $50.

"We are one week out. We have definitely seen an increasing number in the crowd. People are starting early. Especially they fear that some of their grocery favorites are not gonna be in stock so people are coming in earlier," Xiomara Urena, General Manager at Bravo Supermarkets, said.

Experts say that the cost to feed and raise turkeys has almost doubled, fuel is more expensive, and supply chain issues coupled with labor shortages are impacting turkey prices this year.

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"Definitely much more expensive. We were able to find a reasonable turkey but I’m hearing they’re like $50 and we got ours for about $30. Big difference from last year," one shopper said.

Central Florida grocers tell FOX 35 that despite some concerns with the supply chain, they will have enough turkeys for shoppers this year.

You may notice some limits in stores though. For example, Aldi has a limit of two turkeys per customer while Aldi has a limit of one turkey per customer.

Here is a list of all the prices FOX 35 spotted while going store to store on Thursday.


  • Frozen turkey: $1.49 per pound
  • Cooked and ready turkey: $50 flat rate — available between 16 to 20 pounds


There is a one turkey limit at this Winn Dixie location.

  • Store-brand frozen turkey: $0.49 a pound
  • Butterball frozen turkey: $0.99 a pound
  • Butterball fresh turkey: $2.49 a pound
  • Baked sliced turkey: $6.99 a pound
  • Butterball cooked turkey: $3.99 a pound — available between 8 to 10 pounds


  • Publix frozen turkey: $0.49 a pound
  • Butterball frozen turkey: $0.99 a pound
  • Fully-cooked turkey: $3.49 a pound


  • Butterball frozen turkey: $0.99 a pound
  • Target frozen turkey: $0.79 a pound


  • Store-brand frozen turkey: $0.87 a pound
  • Butterball frozen turkey: $0.98 a pound
  • Butterball fresh turkey: $1.67 a pound
  • Oven-ready turkey: $2.28 a pound


There is a two turkey limit at this Aldi location.

  • Butterball frozen turkey: $0.87 a pound
  • Fresh turkey: $1.49 a pound

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