Woman struck in face by stray bullet at Florida home during New Year's Eve gathering

Police are searching for a suspect who reportedly struck a woman in the face with a bullet in a Florida subdivision on New Year's Eve. 

Officers said they received information that a woman was struck on the face by an unknown metal object while attending a New Year's Eve party in the Crystal Ridge Subdivision in Lake Mary. 

The woman told police she was seated on a patio at a friend's home around 11:30 p.m. She said she felt like a "metal softball" hit the left side of her cheek. She said she didn't see or hear anything prior to the unknown object striking her face. 

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When the woman reached for her cheek, she noticed she was bleeding from her face. 

Police later confirmed that the metal object was a small caliber bullet. 

The woman received non-life-threatening injuries from the stray bullet. Police believe the bullet traveled in a "downward trajectory" before striking the woman. 

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Lake Mary Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division at 407-585-1323.