Seniors in Florida still facing vaccine rollout issues

As we all know, Florida has a large elderly population, and we're hearing from senior citizens around the state who are saying they want the coronavirus vaccine. However, actually securing one of those coveted appointments at many sites is proving difficult.

Disney World looking to distributing vaccines

There are long lines at Disneyland once again, but not for admittance into the parks. The California attraction is now a vaccination site. In Florida, Orange County officials are exploring doing something similar at Walt Disney World.

Vaccine site scam warning

Seminole County issued a warning after a fake vaccine sign-up site was created which caused a lot of trouble for people and the reason behind it is still unclear.

Volunteers help distribute COVID-19 vaccines

There are a lot of people from different professions who want to help out during the pandemic. They are making sure people are receiving the coronavirus vaccine and are assisting with distribution for Seminole County at Oviedo Mall.

Ramping up vaccine distribution

While some locations across the United States are conducting 24-hour distribution of the coronavirus vaccine, health officials in Central Florida say they hope to increase the number of vaccinations each day during regular distribution hours.

Vaccine questions

A lot of questions have been raised by some concerned about the mRNA coronavirus vaccines.

What happens to extra coronavirus vaccine doses?

Tens of thousands have received the coronavirus vaccine in Orange County. If there is a situation where the county has extra vaccine doses -- as a result of canceled appointments -- health officials say they will not go to waste.