Florida Rep. Val Demings supports $2,000 stimulus checks

President Donald Trump has signed a $900 billion pandemic relief package, providing Americans with $600 stimulus checks and additional unemployment benefits for millions.

However, his signature comes days after demanding that the stimulus be increased to $2,000 per American. He also complained about what he considered unnecessary spending by the government at large.

House Democrats have prepped a bill to provide for $2,000 payment checks. This bill will be on the floor late Monday. FOX News reported that the House will subject this to a two-thirds vote for passage. They were told by a member that it should secure two-thirds.

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Representative Val Demings, who serves Florida's 10th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, announced that she will vote to change the COVID relief checks to $2,000 per American.

"I strongly support increasing the emergency relief to $2,000. This infusion of direct assistance would be critical to help my constituents stay in their homes, keep food on the table, and make up for lost ground due to COVID this year," she said.  "If it wasn’t for congressional Republicans, Americans would have gotten $2,000 relief checks months ago. They have blocked us at every turn, and they will block this effort too."

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