Doughnut shop at Disney World selling grilled cheese made with doughnut bun

A doughnut shop at Disney Springs is now selling grilled cheese sandwiches made with doughnut buns, because Disney World is apparently a vacation for your arteries, too.

The item can currently be found on the menu at Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew, which opened in the Disney Springs dining and shopping district earlier this month. The shop, which primarily sells doughnuts and coffee, also has a section of the menu dedicated to sandwiches — and each can be served on a "griddled glazed doughnut" instead of a bun for just $1 extra.

"Thought Mom made you a pretty mean grilled cheese sammie growing up? Well, you ain't seen nothing yet!" wrote Everglazed in a Facebook post showcasing the sandwich, via a video clip first shared by the independent reviewers at Disney Food Blog.

"Not sure if this looks delicious or awful but I’m willing to give it a try!" wrote one commenter on the Disney Food Blog’s original post.

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"This is my dream come true," another added.

"If you eat this and it’s warm or hot outside you have officially given up on life," said one of the dozens of others who either loved, hated, or were confounded by the very idea of the Everglazed offering.

"Grilled cheese is a food group without time zones, geographic borders, and without age constraints," said Everglazed's executive chef Patrick Steele in a statement shared with Fox News. "We gave guests the option of substituting a glazed donut and it took off like crazy. "

In addition to its grilled cheese, Everglazed currently serves breakfast sandwiches, a burger, and even a chicken sandwich with optional doughnut buns.

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The doughnut shop also offers "hand-crafted flavored milks" and spiked coffees, as well as — oh, right — actual doughnuts that can be eaten sans-cheese or burger patty.

Disney Springs, one of the dining and shopping districts of the Disney World Resort in Florida, is currently open to guests, but operating at limited capacity. All four of Disney World’s parks are also currently open and operating with additional health and safety protocol in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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